Join My Healy Team!

  Healy has only been in the U.S. since May of 2020.  The website is based in Europe.  And while they have exploded in the United States, you will still notice some oddities in the wording and such when you are signing up, and wen ordering a Healy.  You may even see some German wording here & there.  
  1)  On page one, don't enter anything under "National Identification Number"
2)  On the next page, skip "Company Name" and "Vat Number"
3)  Then check the box next to "Small Entreprenuers by Legal Regulation"
After that, the rest is simple...
  Of course, we assume you're interested in ordering a device.  90% of our team members order the Resonance because it also has the scanner...  It scans you and then tells you which frequencies to run.  But regardless of which device you order, it's ALWAYS a good idea to call your bank first to let them know you are about to put a charge through on your card from Europe.  This will save you some time.

Again, because Healy is so new to America, their credit card processing is still done overseas.
  Welcome to the Team!